Meghan was given her first film camera in the third grade. It was made of purple plastic and was a gift from her parents as 'something special' to take on her first school field trip. The excitement of going somewhere new, the anticipation of waiting for the photos to be developed, and being able to share the things she had seen with others was gratifying and fun. It still is. 

With a formal background in 35mm film photography, darkroom processing and printmaking, formal studies at two New England universities, Universit√© d'Angers in France and RISD, Meghan began shooting digitally in 2003. Her work has appeared globally in dozens of magazines, books, TV commercials, advertising, and on countless websites and blogs.  

Her main photographic genres are an ecclectic but honest reflection of her many personal interests from design and architecture to creative spaces and interesting people, and all things coastal from world class sailing to surf culture. Meghan lives by the sea in Newport, Rhode Island.